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Why shop with a Scout & Cellar Independent Consultant?

We can think of countless benefits to embarking on your Clean-Crafted™ journey with a Scout & Cellar Independent Consultant. But we know you’ve got important things to do, so we’ll just give you three.

1. Your On-Call Wine Expert

Your Consultant has all the knowledge on what makes each of our Clean-Crafted Wines so special, from tasting notes and food pairing ideas to the story behind the label. Your Consultant’s got the inside scoop.

2. Personalized Service

As you continue to work together, your Consultant will get a sense of your palate’s preferences, leading to well-curated recommendations selected just for you! Join a Wine Club, shop online or reach out directly to your Consultant. Your Consultant makes it easy for you to shop for Clean-Crafted Wine on your terms. They’ll also help you with any returns or exchanges, making the whole shopping experience even easier!

3. Supporting Small Business

Just like Scout & Cellar supports small family farmers and winemakers who are doing better for our health and our planet, by shopping with one of our expert Independent Consultants, you’re supporting a local business in your area. It’s a win-win!

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