Thanksgiving Dinner Set
Thanksgiving Dinner Set

We really like Thanksgiving. A day all about gathering around the table and expressing our gratitude. Quality time with family, friends, great conversation, great food and, of course, great wine. But with so many folks getting together and eating a wide variety of foods, we know it isn’t always easy.  With so many cooks in the kitchen - sometimes literally! -  it can be hard to know just which wines to serve. We’ve got you covered. This special set of Clean-Crafted Wine™ was carefully curated to be both food-friendly and people-friendly, perfect for sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal with wine drinkers from all walks of life. And, as always, our wines are full of deliciousness and free of chemicals and synthetic additives, providing a more natural, altogether better-tasting wine experience to everyone. Just one more thing to be thankful for.


2018 The Resident Pinot Gris: A biodynamic, old-world-style wine created for long walks down memory lane. Its juicy, fruity flavors and refreshing finish mean it complements all the foods you might find on the Thanksgiving sideboard, from turkey and dressing to sweet potatoes or even tamales!

2017 Gallivant Chardonnay: We find joy and celebration in the little things, gallivanting happily into a holiday meal, surrounded by loved ones. This classic autumnal Chardonnay is opulent and creamy, pairing well with turkey and tradition.

2018 Fiddleneck Pinot Noir: Named for the tiny flower that blankets parts of the Mendocino Valley, nourishing and protecting the soil and the vines that grow there, Fiddleneck pays homage to the early days of American winemaking. Another Thanksgiving classic, this Pinot Noir is a refreshing red wine with just the right acidity - it balances rich Thanksgiving foods and pairs with poultry beautifully.

2018 Dove Hunt Dog Cabernet Sauvignon: In the spirit of companionship, Dove Hunt Dog is a celebration of what makes our lives complete - spending time with the people and pets we love the most. There’s sure to be a cab lover or two gathered around the table - this one is for them. It’s juicy, bold and can be served with the main course or savored solo. Preferably with your feet kicked up by the fire while everyone lounges around post-feast.


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