2017 Fieldhouse Chardonnay
2017 Fieldhouse Chardonnay
Sonoma County, California
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Fruity, Creamy

100% Chardonnay

Organic, Vegan


  • 2017 Fieldhouse Chardonnay

    Sonoma County, California

    Charming and drinkable with pear, lemon curd and hints of nectarine and baking bread on a textured, creamy mid-palate that finishes bright.

    Pairs perfectly with grilled and roast chicken, seafood dishes like fish and scallops as well as less traditional pairings like Indian and Mediterranean dishes. 

    Alcohol: 13.8%

    Residual Sugar: <.05 g/L

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  • the journey

    Before there was the vineyard or the tasting room, there was the field house. It was the very first purchase we made as a company. Initially, the field house was pretty shabby, so we began updating it with things from our past. Cabinetry from our house growing up. Corrugated tin and restored molding from an old family barn. Doors we clearly remember slamming open and shut as teenagers. In no time, this bare-bones building began to resemble something familiar. Something comfortable. Something ours.

    Ever since, the field house has been more than just a field house. It's a reminder. Of our humble beginnings. Of our family values. Of our commitment to crafting wine cleanly and consciously. And the result is simple, honest, delicious bottle of wine as true to our roots and passion as the field house is. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

    This single-vineyard Chardonnay is from 15-year old vines planted on well-draining yolo soil, which is essentially alluvial soil in an alluvial fan and/or flood plain. The fruit was hand-harvested, whole-cluster pressed and 60% was fermented in stainless steel and 40% was fermented in neutral French oak before being blended back together for seven months of aging in stainless steel.

    Did You Know? Chardonnay is related to Pinot Noir! In a chance crossing of Pinot Noir and an obscure varietal called Gouais Blanc (almost non-existent in France today), the most popular wine grape in the world, Chardonnay, was created.


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