Oh my gosh, guys. I can’t believe we are where we are. Scout & Cellar just soft-launched, and I couldn’t be more excited. Or nervous. Or obsessed. Not kidding; I’m completely consumed by a passion to share wines grown naturally and bottled consciously, and I want to empower (or overwhelm) you with details about the wine industry and clean-crafted’s place in it!

Full disclosure: I never really anticipated y’all would embrace Scout & Cellar so quickly. When I began developing the business and chatting seriously about the the brand many moons ago, the goal was really simple: To get clean-crafted wine into the hands of the people I love. And that was it. For a time.

But so far, this soft launch has far exceeded any expectations we had going in. So on behalf of everyone here at Scout & Cellar, I want to express a big, heartfelt “Thank you.” Thanks for spending time with us, for wanting to get to know us, for wanting to experience clean-crafted wine and for wanting to plant your roots with us, whether as a business owner or a consumer! It’s been a serious labor of love not only for me, but for a whole slew of absolutely amazing folks, and we are so eager to spread the word about clean-crafted wine!

Speaking of eager, welcome to Pop & Pour, a blog dedicated to my world-hoppin’, wine-discoverin’ adventures! Primarily, this is a place dedicated to journeys and to discoveries, but it’s also a place for me to impart all my tips, tricks and general wine-geek wisdom upon you guys. Next month, I’ll be taking you along with me to the Sonoma Valley as I begin scouting the next delicious collection of clean-crafted wine. Over the coming season, we’ll be hosting wine tastings around the nation, and you’ll be riding shotgun! And slide on your sweat pants; I’ve got holiday-themed pairings and recipes at the ready to help ring in the most wonderful time of year.

And this is just a fraction of all the goings on here at Pop & Pour. Because truthfully, I don’t do any of this for me. I do it so I can share it with you. That’s what Scout & Cellar is all about! The world is teeming with unknown good, and it’s ripe for the discovering; Pop & Pour will be the vehicle by which I share it all.

So sit back. Relax. Pour a glass (or three) of clean-crafted wine, and check out all the stuff my team and I are up to behind the scenes! You’ll like it; I promise!