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We’re on a Journey to Discover the Unknown Good.

At Scout & Cellar, we’re on a mission to showcase just how incredible wine can be in its most authentic form by making it free of toxic pesticides, artificial processing aids, artificial ingredients, and added sugar. We also ensure every wine in our collection is low in sulfites. It's all part of our Clean-Crafted Commitment® to doing the right thing. For ourselves. For those we love. And for our planet. No matter what.

It all started with Sarah Shadonix, our fearless founder and head wine taster. While studying to become a wine professional, Sarah made a shocking discovery: That many of the world's winemaking standards allow for the use of toxic pesticides in the vineyard, as well as hundreds of artificial processing aids and ingredients during production. This discovery changed everything, and not long after, Scout & Cellar was born.

To share it along the way

Our Clean-Crafted Commitment comes to life through our Core Value of Authenticity. By eliminating toxic pesticides, artificial processing aids, artificial ingredients, and added sugar, we’re celebrating wine in its most authentic form and promoting the uniqueness of the wine’s terroir from the ground, all the way to your glass.   But Authenticity isn't the only Core Value that informs how we do what we do. Founded in the principles of Authenticity, Transparency, Passion, Family and an unwavering desire to Do the Right Thing, our Core Values shape every aspect of who we are, how we give back and how we approach business in general.

Founded in Passion. Defined by Authenticity.

We love what we do, fiercely. From our growers and partners to our field of consultants, passion is intrinsic to who we are. We greet each day with fervor and enthusiasm, and it shows in everything we do. And before we were anything, we were authentic - our commitment to being ourselves is as important today as it was back then. It's present in every bottle we produce, and the authentic connections we have with our industry partners and consultant field fuels everything we do.

Told with Transparency.

We believe wine begins in the vineyard and is best created without the use of toxic pesticides, artificial processing aids, and artificial ingredients. Through our Clean-Crafted Commitment®, we’re dedicated to educating our audiences about the Clean-Crafted™ wine difference, including what goes into your bottle, and what stays out. Clear and transparent communication is our goal, every time.

Our Do the Right Thing Guarantee.

We’re incredibly proud of every bottle of Clean-Crafted™ wine, not only for the quality of what’s inside but also for the way you get to experience the Scout & Cellar difference from the moment you order down to the very last drop. For you, this means that if you’re not 100% happy with anything about your experience, we’ll solve it. Refund it. Replace your order. Whatever it takes.