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The Clean-Crafted Commitment®

Committed to going above and beyond.

The Clean-Crafted Commitment is our proprietary standard for creating and delivering the highest-quality, most delicious wine possible, in accordance with our own non-negotiable benchmarks for sustainable production and pesticide use. When Scout & Cellar launched back in 2017, we explored existing certifications within the beverage industry that satisfied our own standard. None of them went nearly as far as we did, so we created our own.

Today, the Clean-Crafted Commitment is one of the most rigorous wine-growing standards in the entire industry—one our internal team and grower partners are proud to uphold.

Sustainably grown in healthy soil

No artificial processing aids or added sugars

Independently lab tested to meet our standard

We independently lab-test each bottle for anything artificial, and for sulfites. Our expert team audits all of our partners to ensure grapes are grown and wine is made in accordance with our rigorous standard. We taste-test them to meet a high threshold of quality!

The Soil-to-Sip Report™

The first and only one of its kind.

To take our Clean-Crafted Commitment just one step further, every product we create is accompanied by our Soil-to-Sip Report, a proprietary breakout of in-depth product details, including ingredients, fermenting/aging/bottling processes, and nutritional content. In short, the Soil-to-Sip Report serves as both a product guide, and as proof-positive that the Clean-Crafted Commitment was upheld throughout every stage of the product's creation. From the soil, all the way to the first sip.

From our CEO + Wine Guru

Ever wonder what really happens before our wine makes it to your glass? Our Founder & CEO Sarah Shadonix speaks about the wholesome and earth-conscious way Scout & Cellar produces grapes and turns them into delicious wine.

The pillars of Clean-Crafted Commitment®

The Clean-Crafted Commitment is rooted in three key pillars—foundational principles that guide the creation and delivery of all our products. When it comes to fully wrapping your brain around our standard, there's no better place to start than here.

Wine made using grapes grown without the use of anything artificial.

It begins in the ground, and in the cultivation of healthy soil and healthy fruit. We believe in leaving the land better than we found it, which means we select our pesticides carefully. When we must use them, we opt for the safer versions, like cinnamon and diatomaceous earth.

Wine must be produced without artificial processing aids or ingredients, including added sugar.

The fact is, healthy fruit has authentic, distinctive flavors that drive a wildly delicious wine experience on their own. By relying solely on the grapes to create our flavor profiles, we eliminate the need for artificial processing aids, including added sugar. Our wines' natural deliciousness is one of the most unique and exciting things about this collection.

Wine must not contain more than 100ppm of sulfites.

Sulfites are pretty neat, if we do say so ourselves. They're naturally occurring within grapes, and they help a ton when it comes to preserving freshness and preventing oxidation. It's flat-out impossible to create wine completely free of sulfites, which is why we include fewer than 100ppm of sulfites in every bottle (just enough to promote freshness and prevent oxidation), inspired by the Demeter® Biodynamic® standard.

The fourth pillar - Testing

Creating a proprietary wine-making standard is one thing. Living up to that standard every single time is quite another, which is why we also conduct a series of unique tests throughout our wine-making process that ensure 100% adherence to the Clean-Crafted Commitment, no matter what.

  1. We undergo independent third-party testing to ensure each bottle is created without the use of artificial pesticides.
  2. We then undergo a second independent lab test to ensure each bottle does not exceed 100ppm of sulfites.
  3. The third test is conducted in-house by our team of wine experts to ensure each bottle is truly delicious and reflective of the vineyard, the grape and the vintage. This guarantees each wine evokes an authentic experience you won't find anywhere else.
  4. We also conduct a detailed internal audit of all processing aides and ingredients included within each wine to ensure our grapes are grown, produced, and processed in accordance with our rigorous standard.

Diving a little deeper

The Clean-Crafted Commitment is a lot to process, so if you still have questions, we completely get it! Click here to check out our Clean-Crafted Commitment FAQ. Hopefully these answer any lingering questions you may have.